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Third-Party Pharma Manufacturing Company in India – As one of the most trusted names in pharma Manufacturing, Cardiopolis operates with state-of-art third-party Parma Manufacturing facilities. These facilities are spread all across India covering all 29 states and union territories. North India is the hub of pharmaceutical companies. There is a number of small and large-scale pharma companies that outsourcing their products manufacturing on a third-party manufacturing basis in India. Being the top Third Party Pharma Manufacturing Company in India, we have the strategic location of facilities or plants which enable us to supply high-quality medicine with prompt delivery and optimum cost.

Our sincerity and commitment towards the quality of our medicine resonate in our regulatory approvals like WHO & GMP which are accredited to our manufacturing plant. The use of high-end technologies and global practices at our Pharma Manufacturing plant ensures the international standards of our products. Our approach, values, and methods of operating separate us from other Third Party Pharma Manufacturing Companies in India.

Cardiopolis has got the permit to manufacture in the excise duty-free zone of Himachal Pradesh, this is what makes us an ideal choice for third-party pharma manufacturing of pharmaceutical products. Our commitment to delivering our clients with a quality, affordable, and safe range of pharma products is guaranteed through our ISO, WHO, GMP, GLP certifications.

With our constant efforts to deliver the best and high in demand medicines, Cardiopolis is engaged in the manufacturing of injectable, dry, and third-party injection manufacturers, liquid syrups, dry syrups, eye/ear / nasal drops, tablets, Capsules, pre-filled syringes, and non-sterile / sterile ointments, etc. For more details regarding our Third Party Pharma Manufacturing of Pharmaceutical products, you can give us a call at +91.7814410002.


The third-party manufacturing process is a very important stage in the supply chain it not only includes the supply of active components or ingredients but also the testing, manufacturing, packaging, quality check, and transportation of the dosages. The quality and safe supply of doses is ensured with specialist capabilities to undertake large-scale manufacturing, regular and accurate testing, specialized processing like radiation sterilization, and logistics. Cardiopolis is not only limited to manufacturing and packaging but also expertise in product development, in-licensing, product lifecycle management, market access, and cost optimization, etc.

Here at Cardiopolis, we work to turn your concept into a successful and innovative business through third-party pharma manufacturing services. We provide an excellent opportunity for pharmaceutical professionals by outsourcing products to meet their pharmaceutical needs. With the years of experience, we deliver the quality range of medicine at the best price right on time.

Here given below is how we manufacturer and what 5 steps do we take for the third party pharma manufacturing process at Saphnix:


For the setup of the manufacturing unit, certain requirements need to be fulfilled. The state and central governments have the authority to grant rights to the associates.

  1. There are mainly two important documents that are primarily required i.e medicine License and GST Number.
  2. During the manufacturing phase, make sure that you have NON RESEMBLANCE CERTIFICATE, PAN Card, Adhar card and cancel cheque of the company.
  3. During the visit of inspection officials, they can check the hard copies of the documents.


The product packaging and design material play a vital role in product sustainability. After the completion of the documentation process, the designing and packaging process of the products takes place.

  1. Once the selection of the product design is done, the selected design send for the final packaging printing.
  2. The printing of the final packaging laid down on a large scale for completing the whole stock packaging.


Our company provides 100% quality-oriented products to its clients with strict quality screening under various parameters. The diligent team of laboratory experts supervised different aspects of the product. If the customer has transportation availability then they can take away the manufactured stock. Otherwise, we provide transportation services in different locations.

  1. All the stock is delivered within 3-7 working days depending upon the location.
  2. Before forwarding the order, each product is thoroughly checked by our team.
  3. We have a good logistic service which presents safe and quick delivery services.


There are a bunch of benefits of availing third-party pharma product manufacturing services. For small to medium size companies, it is a boon for them. Easy availability of medicines, hassle-free take care of day-to-day operations, affordability, quality control product, no extra costing, maintenance-free, etc. This is just an overview of the pros of third-party pharma manufacturing. To enjoy such advantages, Cardiopolis is the right choice to work with.

  • Third-party manufacturing helps you to stay focused on the sales and marketing of pharma products.
  • You can easily reach wider audiences by providing high-quality products that you have available by third-party manufacturers.
  • 3rd party manufacturing is beneficial for both companies. It allows you to manufacturer the same products from different manufacturers and we can manufacture similar products for different brands.

Allow third-party manufacturer services to win your business with the work that eases back your creation plants down. Also, you may discover and add new and innovative medicines that help you to expand your efficiency and gather an enormous level of the advantages of a full program.


n each and every department we have a team of highly professionals. These professionals ensure the proper flow of work in the right manner. Professionals from the fields like, Chemists, Microbiologists, Physicians, Pharmacologists, and Business Administrators are part of Sapjhnix Life Sciences. Our research team enables us to deliver an innovative range of medicine to several clients throughout the country. We are supported by skilled and qualified manpower who is responsible for the quality and efficacy of the products. In order to provide our clients with high standards and an effective range of medicine, it is important for us to have the best


Our work not just stops at the manufacturing of products; we have also built strong testing and procedures to guarantee you the best quality, effective and safe range of medicine. Our medicine has good market acceptance and heals the disease with a satisfactory result. Here are the medicines which are manufactured at Cardiopolis in third-party manufacturing service:

  • Pharma Tablets – 10 million tablets
  • Capsules – 1 million
  • Pharma Injections – 0.5 million
  • Syrups – 10 lacs
  • Dry Syrups – 20 lacs
  • Ointment – 1 lacs
  • Powder – 0.5 lacs
  • ENT Medicine – 0.5 lacs
  • OTC Medicine – 1 lacs

Cardiopolis want to serve all its customers with the best services including innovative, effective and result drove medicine without breaking their budget. Our Company defines the right third-party manufacturing pharma meaning through its quality medicines.


There is a number of pharmaceutical companies that do not have their own manufacturing facilities and they rely on others for quality manufacturing of medicines. Cardiopolis has been catering to the needs of such clients for years now. The Company is capable of carrying out large-scale production in its state-of-art manufacturing facilities and capable of delivering medicine in all parts of the country right on time.

Our manufacturing facilities are fully integrated with the latest technology and equipment which enable us to produce quality medicine. Here the list of things that makes us capable of carrying out large-scale manufacturing:

  1. Cardiopolis have its own storage unit which allows the company to store large-scale medicine safely keeping in mind the quality.
  2. Our transportation facility works smoothly and makes us able to deliver all medicine in all parts of the country.
  3. We always have stock availability with us that‘s why we have a good client base.
  4. Quality packaging is equally important to the quality of medicine. We ensure the best quality material for the packaging of medicine.

Being one of the fastest-growing pharma companies in India we ensure the Quality, Affordability, and Availability of products for third-party pharma manufacturing in Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and all other regions of India.


With hi-tech machinery and advanced technology, CardiopolisLifesciences brings you the pharma medications in various pharma segments. Our produced product range is DCGI approved and as per the DPCO rates. By keeping in mind the requirements of our customers and clients we have covered the different market segments that are:

  • Antibiotic
  • Anti feve
  • Anti Diabetic
  • Anti Allergic
  • Anti Fungal
  • Anti Hypertensive
  • Anti Cold
  • Gastric Resistance, Antispasmodic and Antiemetic
  • Multivitamins medicines
  • Antibacterial
  • Laxative
  • Neuroprotective medicines
  • Skin Treatment Creams
  • Anti Resistance medicines
  • Dermatology Ointments
  • Pain Killers


Once you reach out to us for third-party manufacturing, we would require an approved brand name and formulas from you. It should be written and must have other documents with it for the pharmaceutical third-party pharma manufacturing. As soon as the agreement will be finalized the process will start in four stages:

  1. Need to get the formulation approval from the medicine department. This will roughly take about 5-7 days
  2. Apart from this, the Procurement of printed packing material like foils, cartons, labels will take 10-20 days
  3. Now, the actual production will start which will take 10-15 days
  4. Lastly, after manufacturing transportation. 2-7 days.

If you are a new client hen the whole process will take around 40-50 days but regular clients will have to wait for the order for 30-40 days.


Here we have simplified the costing procedure for the 3rd party manufacturing have a look:

  1. Raw-Materials Cost– It will include active and excipients.
  2. Packaging Material Cost–
    1. The PRIMARY will include (Printed Packaging Material- Foil, Cartons, Labels)
    2. The SECONDARY will include (tape, PVC, strips, Shippers, packing slips, etc)
  3. The cost of consumables, Quality control Costs & Local transportation will come under the batch charges
  4. Process loss for RM & PM.
  5. Lastly the Manufacturing Charges.
  1. CST – As per the current Central Government Exemption, 2.0% is charged.
  2. Central Excise – According to the Central Exemption 0% is charged.
  3. Now, the actual production will start which will take 10-15 days
  4. Outward Transportation – the cost of transportation is paid by us. By paying the amount we reduce the heavy cost of local transport. And this makes saving for our valuable customers.


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